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The RedRock Story

Almost 2 decades ago, Kathy Carpenter and Diane Knight, Co-Founders and Senior Partners of RedRock Financial, had a vision for a Client-Driven wealth management firm, one that took care of the whole client, not just their investments.  At the time, the financial industry model was one of a single-discipline, investment services. Diane & Kathy believed that clients were best served by the integration of all aspects of planning, aligning personal goals and money management, both driven by the clients values. 

After literally breaking a hole through the wall that divided their private practices RedRock Financial was formed, a firm that focused on holistic financial planning, disciplined investment strategies and proactive personal service. They approached every client as though they were their quarterback and team, and this philosophy still holds true today.

In 2006 Benjamin Knight joined their Ensemble Practice, bringing with him a strong set of analytical skills and an entrepreneur mindset. After finishing his CFP® Ben starting working with RedRock’s clients and in 2013 became an equal partner in the firm.

Our unique Ensemble Practice is one in which our financial professionals work in a TEAM environment, side by side with our support team.  We are an INDEPENDENT firm built on the foundation of unbiased professional advice. The independent advice our firm delivers has one mandate – to always act in a Fiduciary standard, and therefore, always act in the best interest of our clients.

RedRock’s culture today is made up of the same values and beliefs as when it was started in 2002. Our diversity as individuals strengthens and adds value to our team, which in turn adds to the outcome for our clients. We understand as a team that we are part of something bigger than ourselves and it is through collaboration that not only our clients succeed, but we as a whole succeed as well.